The Top 3 Retail Sales Training Mistakes to Avoid

by Scott Walker on August 29, 2016
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Training your sales team, whether it is in the appliance, mobility, consumer electronics, or computer retail space, is imperative to the success of your store. When you train your sales team properly, you open up the possibility of improving revenue through upselling items like extended warranties or protection plans. A well-trained sales team also offers a more exemplary customer service experience and brings customers back to your store.

But, what happens when sales training goes sideways? How can you avoid spending time training your sales team that does not prove results on the floor? In order to help you get a handle on what to look for in a sales training program, we’ve compiled a list of mistakes to avoid and watch out for when implementing a sales training and education program.

Mistake #1: Complicating Training & Overwhelming with Content

A complicated sales training session becomes boring, frustrating, and ineffective for your store. When you are setting up a training program, or using a company like W3 Solutions to train your staff, you should always focus on four things:

  • Building rapport between team members
  • Conveying your brand’s mission, personality, and culture
  • Showing the pathway that leads customers to consider other offers
  • Explaining how to close the sale through objection handling, customer service, and product expertise

If you’re doing things other than the above, it’s too complicated. Tone it down.

Additionally, make sure to provide materials to make it easy to digest the information but flooding your team with brochure after brochure will overwhelm them and cause their brains to turn off. Stick to 4 or fewer pieces of content and you will be fine.

Mistake #2: Over Emphasizing Using “The Script”

You do not want to train your sales team to be robotic when dealing with customers. People buy out of emotion, and your sales team should be able to build trust through empathizing with the customer and understanding their needs. A script has a difficult time accomplishing this. Furthermore, if your sales team thinks they must stick to the script to be successful, the morale may go down. Sales will be less, and the feeling of accomplishment will be weakened.

Instead, empower your sales team. Give them soundbites to refer to when a common objection arises. Encourage them to put their own personality into the sales process and make it their own. If you arm them with foundational principles and empower them to close the sale, they will.

Mistake #3: Overlooking Using an Excellent Sales Trainer

The truth is that training a sales team is hard work. While we’ve spoken about the top mistakes, there are many others that come into play such as making the training too basic, using meaningless acronyms, and not developing relationships.

When you use a sales trainer that is passionate about their work, understands human relationships within the sales process like no other, and wants to make your sales team the most efficient and best at closing you ended up with happier employees and better revenue for your store. Make hiring a professional sales trainer a priority.

What other mistakes have you noticed when training your sales staff?5 steps to setting up a warranty program cta

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