The 4 Benefits of a Well-Managed Warranty Service Network

by Scott Walker on August 22, 2016
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increase_revenue_for_your_business.jpgManaging complex operations across your warranty program’s service network can be a challenge. Many actions must be taken against a single service event, across many different teams, in multiple locations, to ensure the desired outcomes are accomplished. However, when done well, you reap many benefits.

Operating a well-organized service network can help reduce claims costs, offer a better end user experience, and help take pressure off of your stores. By managing your service network properly for warranty claims, you will be able to do the following:

1. Track and Manage Complex Service Functions

Having a well-managed warranty program service network is for ensuring that you have visibility into each part of the distribution process. This includes critical network partners, distribution centers, technician whereabouts, and more.  By having a service network that is managed from beginning to end, you will be able to capture challenges in your process and capture key data (forward and reverse) that you can utilize for future company decisions.

2. Meet Customer Demands and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Being able to have supply-chain visibility and understanding what happens at each stage of the process is critical for customer happiness. Even simple tasks, such as scheduling and dispatching technicians, are made much simpler with a managed service network. This allows you to bend and flex with the growth of your warranty program, provide product and service solutions on-time to customers, and thus improve the overall customer satisfaction of your business.

3. Increase Revenue for Your Business

Revenue is the most important part of any business. Without it, it is hard to do anything, so finding new ways to increase your revenue is a top priority. A managed warranty program service network can help you do this. When you have transparency in the operations of your work, you will be able to pre-negotiate flat (or variable) rates with manufacturer authorized service companies, improve customer happiness that leads to more sales, and gain key insight into data that will help you understand where to improve. For example, see the percentage of repairs that do not require a second service call vs. those that do can deeply impact your bottom line.

4. Maintain Competitive Advantage

Managing your service network well improves customer happiness, as mentioned above. It also eliminates process waste, provides visibility into inventory availability, lowers costs of service fulfillment, and increases the overall process efficiency of your company. All of these combined add up to a competitive advantage that is hard to beat.

Do you currently have a warranty program in place? If so, how are you managing your service network today? Let us know in the comments!5 steps to setting up a warranty program cta

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