5 Ways to Build Your Retail Store's Brand Like a Boss

by Scott Walker on September 16, 2016
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Relationships. They are everything in today’s world. How you relate to people, in any generation, is going to make or break how you are perceived and whether or not a particular person is going to trust you enough to purchase your products.  More importantly, the relationships you build are going to determine whether or not that person comes back to your store to purchase more from you in the future.

Your brand is seen from every angle in the modern world through social media, review sites, in-person shopping, and more. What this means is that it is extremely important for you, and your staff, to hone in on making your retail store a 360º brand experience. Here’s how you can do that.

#1. Believe So Much in Your Brand That Others Can’t Help But Believe in it Too

Your store’s brand needs to be authentic, and believable. Don’t allow yourself to simply state that you are the best retail store in the area and stop there. No. Why are you the best? What sets you apart from the competitors? Why do people love you so much? And lastly, what the heck do you stand for? Once you have those questions figured out, believe it. Believe it with everything you have, and train your staff to believe it too.

Note: This is exactly what tech startups do and it is working. The belief is spreading like wildfire across industries. It can spread for your company too.

#2. Focus on Quality Relationship Building

At the end of the day, the relationships you build matter more than anything else. Connect with your customers through staff members (and yourself) on social media. Build trust by creating an excellent customer service experience through partnerships (like extended warranties) and a demeanor that matches what your brand’s values are.

#3. Promote Your Brand Without Selling Your Brand

Once you’ve built your relationships and established trust, you can promote your brand. This does not mean that you should sell it over and over again. You should position your brand as an expert in its field, the company your customers go to find answers. Think of your favorite brand? What are they good at? What do you trust them to give you information about? Mimic that behavior in your own brand.

#4. Deliver on Your Promises

The best way to get brand recognition and become known as a leader in your industry is to deliver on your promises. If you can overdeliver on your promises, that is even better. People remember excellent service, kindness, and sureness in a company. Delivering on your brand’s promises will also ensure the amount of traffic you receive from word of mouth increases over time as well.

#5. Keep Your Focus

Often retail brands will falter when they start trying too many different tactics at once. This is confusing for your customers and ultimately becomes overwhelming. If you find your are wavering and starting to throwing everything out there to see what sticks, take a step back. Go back to #1 in this post and remind yourself of who you are, then develop your goals around that. Your customers will follow.

What other brand growing tactics do you use for your retail store? Let us know in the comments!5 steps to setting up a warranty program cta

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