5 shocking mobile phone statistics that will blow your mind!

by Colton Ciolfitto on May 24, 2017

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Mobile Phone Damage Statistics


Cellphones are a must-have device if you want to keep up in this fast-paced world. Business Insider reports that 72 percent of the U.S. population owns a mobile phone, and Canada is slightly below at 67 percent. With a growing market of devices with delicate screens, ports, and connectors, you can only imagine the damage that can be done. To help understand the importance of mobile phone protection, we’ve collected five damage statistics that you have to read to believe.

1. 45 percent of smartphone owners will accidentally damage their phones.

Damage of your mobile phone is most likely to take place in your home, while you’re watching TV, cooking in the kitchen, and even in the washroom! The reason why most accidents happen in the home is largely psychological: We feel safe in our own homes, and because of this we are more careless with our devices. This is not to say that we’re throwing our phones around; we just aren’t as cautious as we would normally be, say, if we were out for a drink with a friend.

2. The average time from purchase to breaking your phone is approximately 10 weeks.

When you purchase a new phone, you get excited and want to ensure you do everything to keep it safe, so you buy the bulky case and screen protector. However, as time goes by, you start taking the case off at home because you think nothing could possibly go wrong. Then you get in the habit of leaving the house without it, and sure enough, your phone eventually hits the ground.

3. 38 percent of consumers will drop their phone right out of their hand.

We’ve all fumbled around in our pockets to answer an important call. But sadly, as we get our phone out of our pocket, it slips and hits the deck.

4. 28 percent of consumers will drop their phones into liquid and 8 percent spill onto their device.

Ah, water damage. Those two dreaded words that are not covered by the one-year manufacturer’s warranty. We’ve all experienced a water incident, and if you haven’t you’re one of the lucky ones. Here’s some advice, when you’re using the washroom, your phone is not safe in your back pocket! There is a very good chance that it will fall out, heading straight for the toilet!

5. 15 percent of people will break their phone by dropping it off their lap.

This one bugs us the most. It’s so easy to forget that you left your smartphone on your lap, and then when you stand up, it goes crashing to the floor. At least you bought a screen protector, right? More often than not, if you purchase a screen protector, your phone should be OK. But if you didn’t, you’re likely out of luck and will be on your way to the repair shop for a new screen. If only you went the extra mile and purchased the extra protection!

These are just some disturbing mobile phone damage statistics. There are many more to share, but we want to ease you into it. Stay tuned for more smartphone statistics!

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