11 Cell Phone Damage Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

by Scott Walker on September 23, 2016
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Did you know that 70% of people in the U.S. alone own a smartphone? It’s true, and 68% of Canadians own one also. With a growing market of devices with delicate screens, ports, and connectors, you can only imagine the damage that can be done to our favorite past time tools. In order to help underscore the importance of device protection, we’ve collected these 11 statistics that you have to read to believe.

  • 45% of consumers will accidentally damage their phone.
  • The average time from purchase to breaking their phone is 10 weeks.
  • 38% of consumers will drop a phone out of their hand causing damage.
  • 28% of consumers drop their phone into liquid, and 8% spill liquid onto their device causing the dreaded “water damage” claim.
  • 15% break their phone by dropping it off of their lap.
  • 11% knocked their phone off a table and now have a broken screen or components.
  • 23 million Americans have damaged their phone while watching a sporting event with 13% dropping the device into their drink, and 12% tossing it in a fit of passion.
  • 50% of people globally have experienced a cracked smartphone screen.
  • 23% of users have cut their finger on a broken screen and continued to use it anyway.
  • 7% of people would rather accidentally post a “private selfie” to social media than crack their smartphone screen.
  • $5.9+ Billion is the amount spent on damaged iPhones since launch

It is becoming increasingly important for consumers to protect their devices appropriately, but it is often difficult to get them to close on a protection plan, especially if they haven’t had the greatest luck with warranty plans in the past. However, at W3 Solutions we are helping retailers and repair stores, like yours, to offer programs that go beyond what the manufacturer offers for new and used devices. Learn more about what we offer by requesting a free consultation here.

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